Blocking away

ImageMy Cold Shoulders cape is very nearly done.  It’s now merrily blocking away, and when that’s finished I just need to do something about a closure – I’m not wild about the way it’s done in the pattern.  It might just be me, but I always find that crocheted chains, particularly those weighted down with something like pom poms, twist around each other and get tangled up like nobody’s buisness.  So not those.  Right now I think I’ll opt for some buttons and some crocheted loops.


This cape wasn’t the easiest thing to block in the world, as it doesn’t form a proper circle shape when it’s flat.  The centre of it is a little ruffled up, but as you can hopefully see, I’m trying to keep the front edges straight and to keep the shells open as far as possible.  Oh, and this is all for something in a yarn that probably won’t block that well anyway – it’s only 50% wool, but I’m hoping that’s enough.


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