A puffin is started

This weekend I found myself surrounded by several projects, but not actually wanting to work on any of them.  My cape still doesn’t have a closure and my neon socks are still not a pair.  The projects that have been hibernating whilst I’ve been writing this blog continued to hibernate.

So I did the only logical thing – I cast on for something new.  I have had the yarn in my stash to knit a Puffin Sweater from Kate Davies’ wonderful book Colours of Shetland for a while now, and it was just the kind of knitting I wanted.  Most of the jumper is stockinette, knitted in the round, followed by a rather exciting circular yoke.  I have found mine to work up quite quickly and I have already finished the decreases for the waist.  The best part for me, is that I’m using a pack of yarn for the main colour that I picked up at the end of the summer sales for only £10!  It has been the perfect cure for startitis.



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