In which the neon socks are done

The puffin jumper that I started in my last post was going along nicely, I have knit from the bottom up, all though the waist shaping, and the progress has been surprisingly quick.  Then I hit a small snag – it was time for me to make the sleeves.  Not that sleeves are a problem in themselves, but I set about hunting for the 2.75 mm DPNs that I needed and was fairly confident I owned.  They didn’t seem to be in any of the places where I keep needles – either the cases that I intend to, or the pen pots on my desk, or the drawer of my bedside table.  Then it struck me, I couldn’t find them anywhere because they were already in some knitting, namely my neon socks.  So, as I rather wanted the needles back, I pushed on and finished them.  It didn’t actually take too long at all, and here are the results:




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