Le tour de bunting

Normally I crochet little granny squares from scrap sock yarn whilst I sit on the bus to work.  Whilst those squares are destined to be part of a blanket that I’m determined will be amazing, they do rely on me actually having scrap sock yarn to hand.  So, recently I have been working on something a little bit different.


Why yes, I have indeed crocheted a miniature yellow jumper.  I have not taken leave of my senses, as it might appear, but am contributing to an initiative by Harrogate City Council to decorate their town in preparation for le Tour de France.

For those of you who do not follow either elite road cycling or the fortunes of Yorkshire as a county, it has been selected to play host to le Grand Depart 2014.  This is the start of the tour, and there will be two days of racing in Yorkshire.  Harrogate are aiming to string bunting made of tiny knitted/crocheted jerseys through the town, and they have called the project le Tour de Bunting.  As I like bunting, making things and le tour de France I wanted to get involved.  I also really do like the name!

They are hoping to get bunting made in the colours of all the prize jerseys, but I thought I would start with the yellow, because it is the most iconic one.  The project is really short of the King of the Mountain jerseys, so I might make a few of them as well.  They need stranded colourwork though, as they are white with red polka dots, so would be quite a bit of extra effort!


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