Constituent Parts of my Puffin


So I’ve been good and returned to my puffin jumper.  Here we have two sleeves and a body knit up to the armpits.  Admittedly, shortly after I took this photo I realised that I had missed an increase in on one of my sleeves, so I had to rip out quite a few rows to put that in, but now these components are all present and correct.  I’ve started the yoke and am near enough beside myself at how well it is going – pictures to follow soon.


5 thoughts on “Constituent Parts of my Puffin

  1. christinelaennec

    My husband looks on aghast as I rip out my knitting mistakes (fortunately this is not a nightly occurrence) but I know that I will be SO much happier with it done right. Although I think once I’ve seamed something, mistakes generally will have to stay where they are! Good luck for the final push.

    1. stitchingonashoestring Post author

      Thanks, I don’t think I have too long left now! I know what you mean about the seaming, I’m glad I noticed in this case just before I started knitting the sleeve into the yoke. If I hadn’t I’m not sure that I would have bothered!


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