Tools are best when they’re pretty – 5KCBWDAY4

100_0870I love any opportunity to use my stitch markers.  I find it really quite pleasing to hit a pretty little decoration once a round, almost like a reward when you’re slogging round on something in tiny yarn with a lot of stitches. Most of them are brilliant, but there are flaws with some of them.  The russian doll one that you can see is nice to look at, but really quite heavy, particularly when the ring only fits on small needles.  The beaded ones fit on big needles, which is great, but the wire connecting the beads to the ring tends to get caught on my knitting, which is not great at all.  My favourite ones are those with the little sheep on them.  They are made by Herdy, a company based in the Lake District that inspired by Herdwick sheep.

I keep all of mine in this little owl-shaped zippy purse, which is another pretty thing that makes me happy.  It’s only half full, so I’ve still got space for plenty more. I think that they’re quite nice to pick up from yarn shops that I visit if I don’t have space to take any yarn back with me.  I thought my collection was quite extensive, but then when I was making my Puffin jumper I discovered that I only actually owned 16 and the pattern called for 20.  I think I will need to do some shopping to fill in the gaps!


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