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Using every last bit

I had a ball of Noro Silk Garden Sock languishing in my stash for a very long time.  It was a gift, and I wanted to make sure that I did the right thing with it.  I completely adore the project that I chose to make with it (my puffin jumper), but I had a little bit left over.  The amount I had, only 28 g, wasn’t really enough to do much with, but I couldn’t imagine not having every last yard of a special yarn in use where I could see it.  So, I opted for one of my favourite projects – I made a granny square.  The finished granny is 24 cm square and I intend to make a cushion cover from it.  Admittedly a tiny cushion cover, but a cushion cover all the same.  If only I could find a use for the last 2 metres.  Any suggestions?



Socks and a solitary square

I was going to take some pictures of my finished scarf to share with you today, but once again the weather had other plans.  Right now I’m not convinced that it will ever stop raining, although at least my immediate area hasn’t been flooded.  Instead, I’ve taken a picture of a pair of socks that I started just before Christmas, and are now well on their way.  The pattern is Slip-Stitch Cable Socks by Charlene Schurch, but I have made mine in a fingering weight yarn with 2.75mm needles, as opposed to the worsted called for in the pattern.  I know you can’t see it that well, but the yarn is incredibly bright, and I’m calling them my neon socks.  At least, to myself I am – it’s surprising how rarely other people ask me what I’m calling any given project!  I’ve made them once before using the same weight yarn, and they turned out just the size I was hoping for (I cast on 56 stitches, and wear a UK size 6).  I also have a bonus picture of the granny square that I made on the bus today, which, as you might be able to see, I made using the leftover yarn from my first neon sock.

ImageImageSorry, I know the photos are awful.