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Off the needles


The Annis that I started on a whim earlier this week is now off my needles.  All that stands in my way from having a finished shawl is a little drying and weaving in a couple of ends.


When indecision strikes…

100_0888I am currently knitting a jumper and I can’t decide what to do about the sleeves.  So, what to do when you just can’t decide about a project?  Why, move straight onto something new.  Long after the rest of the knitting world, I have decided to make an Annis.  I have left off the nupps, as I didn’t really like them, but I love the overall shape.  I can’t believe quite how quickly it is working up, and I’m hoping to finish it pretty soon.  The colour is a good match for one of my favourite summer dresses.

A granny square rainbow – 5KCBWDAY3

Granny Square Rainbow

Granny Square Rainbow

I knit an awful lot of socks, which means I have an awful lot of leftover sock yarn.  One day I decided to embark on making a granny square blanket with all my leftovers.  Only, as it turns out, my leftovers weren’t as extensive as they first appeared.  Pictured here are all the squares I have made so far, a grand total of 135.  The only problem is that I need 252 for the blanket I have designed, so there’s a lot of sock knitting in my future!

I am particularly short on orange and purple for some reason.  Does anybody have a favourite purple or orange colourway?  I’d love to hear some ideas – the orange in particular seems difficult to find, but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places.

A day in the life – 5KCBWDAY1

Today marks the launch of the 5th annual knitting and crochet blog week, organised by Eskimimi Makes.  I have been looking forward to joining in with this since I started my blog, and I’ve found so many new blogs this way myself.  Everybody who’s joining in with post about the same topic on the same day.  If you search for the collection of letters up there in my title it will bring up other blogs that are participating.

It happens every so often that when I have a day off I have nothing better to do than get crafty.  I had such a day a few weeks ago, and I had the perfect project for that situation – a jumper I was knitting that needing a fair bit of frogging and reknitting.  I was knitting from a vintage pattern called ‘when you’re off duty’, which is part of the digital collection available from the Victoria and Albert museum.  I hadn’t made my armholes quite deep enough, so had to rip the front and back out far enough to add some length before the shoulder shaping.

I started fairly early, and was adding in another repeat on the back with breakfast.


The back was bound off as I watched the London Marathon,


and by lunch the front was getting its own attention.


It was such a lovely day that I finished it off sitting in the garden.


Then it was time for a quick wash,


before blocking it out and leaving it to work on another day.



Using every last bit

I had a ball of Noro Silk Garden Sock languishing in my stash for a very long time.  It was a gift, and I wanted to make sure that I did the right thing with it.  I completely adore the project that I chose to make with it (my puffin jumper), but I had a little bit left over.  The amount I had, only 28 g, wasn’t really enough to do much with, but I couldn’t imagine not having every last yard of a special yarn in use where I could see it.  So, I opted for one of my favourite projects – I made a granny square.  The finished granny is 24 cm square and I intend to make a cushion cover from it.  Admittedly a tiny cushion cover, but a cushion cover all the same.  If only I could find a use for the last 2 metres.  Any suggestions?


The joys of mattress stitch

100_0856I’ve been working on the seam of a jumper that is knit flat, and thought I’d share how much I love mattress stitch.  In the picture you can see the front and back of the same seam, but from the front you wouldn’t really know it.  My favourite tutorial for mattress stich is this one here, from Knitty.  As well as liking the look, I think it’s quite fun to work, or is that just me?  I think there’s something so satisfying about something so neat.

Constituent Parts of my Puffin


So I’ve been good and returned to my puffin jumper.  Here we have two sleeves and a body knit up to the armpits.  Admittedly, shortly after I took this photo I realised that I had missed an increase in on one of my sleeves, so I had to rip out quite a few rows to put that in, but now these components are all present and correct.  I’ve started the yoke and am near enough beside myself at how well it is going – pictures to follow soon.